In Philadelphia, Cars No Longer Have to Be Ticketed Before Towing

Cars no longer have to be ticketed before towing:
 In 2010 the City passed an ordinance that required unauthorized cars parked in private lots to be ticketed by the police before they can be towed. Not surprisingly, the police now say they can't handle all requests in a timely manner. So Council passed Bill No. 120719, a measure that removes the ticketing rule but requires towing companies to take digital photographs instead. The Police must still be notified, but parking lot owners (including apartment communities) and towing companies do not have to wait for the police to arrive and ticket the car before it is towed.

The towing company must take digital photographs that clearly show the vehicle's license plate, the violation for which the vehicle is being towed, and the posted sign identifying that unauthorized parking is prohibited where the vehicle is parked, and that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

Additionally, before towing a vehicle, the towing company shall obtain the signature of the owner of the property or the owner's agent, certifying the owner's or agent's knowledge of the violation, and including on the certification form the vehicle's license plate number, the nature of the violation, and the date and time. And, if the towing company has an agreement with a property owner to tow vehicles in violation of posted rules without notice from the property owner and is unable to obtain a signature from the owner or agent for each tow, the towing company must place a letter from each such property owner in each of its tow trucks, stating the terms of the towing company's authority for the location, and the violations and hours for which the authority is effective, and signed by the owner or owner's agent.