Philadelphia Fire Escape and Fire Escape Balcony Inspections

New inspections and report requirements for fire escapes and fire escape balconies on Philadelphia buildings were signed into law in June of 2016.

Initial inspections are required before July 1, 2017.
Association members have been receiving notices of inspections for several months.
Requests for extensions of inspection deadlines can be emailed to 
Bill No. 160462 passed with widespread support following a few tragic incidents in which fire escapes collapsed and deaths resulted.

The new law requires Philadelphia owners of buildings with fire escapes or fire escape balconies to:
Conduct inspections of fire escapes and balconies for structural integrity and safety
Prepare a report about the inspection and file a copy with the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
Professional inspectors - engineers licensed by the Commonwealth of PA who are experienced in structural engineering, must do the inspections.
The ordinance contains detailed requirements for the inspections and the reports.