Register now for PAA-East's CAM Class of 2017!  Classes will begin began in January and finish up in March. 

CAM is also available online through NAA. Our classes will include:

Industry Essentials
Legal Issues
Human Resources
Property Maintenance                                     
Risk Management
Resident Experience
Financial Management

Programs may be taken as  standalone seminars or as a complete course to earn the industry designation. Don't forget to check out our Property Manager Super Star Package: Includes Financial Boot Camp, CAM and CAM Test Prep Class. Click HERE for details!

CAM Requirements:
CAM candidates must complete the following requirements to obtain the CAM designation:
> worked in the apartment industry for at least 12 months
> successfully completed CAM coursework
>meet all examination requirements within 12 months of declaring candidacy for CAM

Please click HERE for further information.

To register for our current class please compete the flyer below and email to 


​For information on all of our other designations, click HERE for a brochure. 

Below you will find additional information for CAM candidates. Click below for FREE CAM Test Prep webinars:

CAM NAA Test Prep Class: June 26, 2017, 3 pm Click HERE to register

​NAA Candidate Resource Page

Candidate Handbook

Candidates Resources

CAM Classroom Material 

CAM Skill Checks with Answers  

CAM Part II Sample Questions with Answers 

CAM Practice Financial Calculations

CAM Practice Financial Calculations with Answers 

Research Analysis and Evaluation Sample Scenarios and Skill Checks

Management of Residential Issues Resource Supplement

Legal Aspects and Responsibilities Supplement

Human Resource Management Supplement

Fair Housing Supplement

Property Maintenance Supplement

Risk Management Supplement

CAM Glossary

How to Download your Ebook

Designation Testing Information

CAM Candidacy Extension Form

CAM Practice Test